Tyligo Single +

Tyligo Dual +

Tyligo Transporter

Single +


Standard Features


Adjustable Length

The Tyligo chassis can be adjusted to suit your needs, or shortened for storage.

Surface Finish

Surface Finish

Powder coated with an anti-corrosion layer. Different colour options available.


MBP-A112 Suspension

MBP-A112 Suspension

Dual spring rate offering maximum stability under different load weights.

Alloy Wheels

MBP-A102 Alloy Wheels

3.5x10" custom made alloy wheels.

LED Lighting

MBP-A101 LED Lighting

CE approved all-in-one lighting board.

Jockey Bar

MBP-A104 Jockey Bar

Added stability for safe storage.

Single Rail

MBP-E1011 Single Rail

Accomodates most bikes with a length of 2.2 metres. Extra strapping points available at the front and back of the rail.

MBP-A103 Wheel Chock

MBP-A103 Wheel Chock

Sliding front wheel chock to load your motorbike quickly and effortlessly.

Loading Ramp

MBP-A105 Loading Ramp

Compatible with Single + and Dual +.

Strap Set

MBP-A106 Strap Set

Compatible with Single + and Dual +.


Optional Features

Electric Winch

Electric Winch: £99

Load your bike effortlessly using the electric winch. Maximum pulling capacity of 750kg.

Datatag Technology

Datatag Technology: £60

Datatag uses state of the art identification technologies to permanently mark and protect your property.

Loading Ramp

License Plate

Click Here to order your plate now.

Loading Ramp

Custom Colour: £199

Chassis and/or rail(s) can be customised in terms of colour. Contact Us for more details.

To enquire about ordering please contact: sales@tyligo.com